How to buy bitcoin from WazirX 2022

Friends, in today’s time, the market of Cryptocurrency is increasing very much and day by day the price of Bitcoin is increasing very fast, so friends, the best asset to invest is maybe that is bitcoin because friends bitcoin. Can give good profit to all of you in future and to buy it you get most trusted crypto currency exchange platform like Wazir from where you can also send bitcoin for purchase friends here’s how to buy and sell bitcoin from WazirX If we are going to tell you about it, then read this article completely-

Friends, in today’s time, you will see many different types of crypto coins in the market, but friends have the most trust on BitCoin coin because friendship is the oldest and best crypto currency in which the world’s biggest big business Investors make investments and today such big companies also invest in it and friends, many big money managers also suggest in today’s time that friends in India to buy bitcoin, Bajirao is the best platform to buy bitcoin. is considered

Friends, we are telling you about buying bitcoin inside WazirX because here all the charges you have to pay are all in front of you and someone outside or channel knows how much deposit and withdrawal will be charged. But you also get to see many bitcoin wallets where no one is aware in the beginning that they are being charged hidden charges from buying to selling bitcoin.

What is Wazirx?

Friends, before using any platform, let me tell you that you should have a little information, then friends, let me tell you, in the Bajirao Czech crypto exchange platform, where you can buy many crypto coins like bitcoin, ethereum, doggy coin, luna. You can also buy and send friend is an Indian company whose head quarter you will find in Mumbai and it started in the year 2017.

Friends, the largest and most trusted bitcoin buying and selling platform in India has more than 700,000 users and in 2021 the application rated for more than 21 billion dollars is WazirX WazirX has released its own crypto wrx And many people do their mining too.

Friend, inside WazirX you all get to see many features which are very important for a report trader like rate history deposit withdrawal real time open order box and chatting you get to see many features WazirX is so popular within the day and friends, WazirX is so popular in the market that every crypto universe uses it and here you will get information about buying bitcoin from Bajirao, then read this article completely so that you will not know How to buy and invest bitcoin.

How to Buy Bitcoin from Wazirx 2022

Friends, in today’s time many people want to buy bitcoin but they are not able to buy pet due to some reason like they think how to create their wazirx account because they find it difficult but friends understand this if If you do trading, then all of you will have to do personal verification for this, even if friends, why are you investing only thousand rupees, it is mandatory for you to do your verification and whenever you buy bitcoin later, you can send it, how do friends setup the account? And how long does it take, so let us tell you

Step 2 WazirX Account

Friends, to buy bitcoin, first of all you have to create your WazirX account, for which you will need your email id, phone number and some of your documents, then friends, if you are using Bajirao for the first time, then here by clicking on the button given below. you sign up

Second, if you click on the sign up button, then your account will be created and all of you will be sent the verification link on your email id, then by clicking on that link, you all have to first verify your email id and after that Friends, now all you have to do is login your user id and complete the setup and yes friends, I tell you all, this is not a simple application, if you invest in it, then whatever information you give, it will be thoughtful and give right

Step 2 Mobile No. & KYC verification

Friend, you do not have to do much to do mobile number verification, all of you have to first enter your mobile number and there will be a button of Get OTP, then you will have to click on it, then you will be given an OTP in your message box. So friends, you have to verify your mobile number by entering this OTP.

Now to do verification from friends’ brother, you must first have PAN card, Aadhar card, and you should know about your personal details.

So look friends, in order to do KYC verification, all of you will first have to enter your PAN card number and by uploading the PAN card document, enter your Aadhar card number and upload the photo of your Aadhar card document along with creating your profile. You will have to enter your real name, which matches with your PAN card and Aadhar card, enter your date of birth, all of you should remember it, you can see it with PAN card or Aadhar card, friends, fill all your details like you If you submit then your account will be created

Add Bank Details 2022

Friends, to buy bitcoin, first of all you will have to pay money and all of you will have to give this money through UPI payment if not your bank account, this means that you have to have a bank account or UPI for depositing.

So friends, if you have a bank account, then by entering the details of your bank account, then if you have a UPI ID, then by entering the details of your UPI ID, you put it for verification and this verification is only 24 to 48 hours. Takes time so you wait and you wait for mail then friends gethi verification will be done then you can comfortably buy your bitcoin

Buy Bitcoin 2022

  • Friends, before buying bitcoin in WazirX, you all have to add money inside your wallet. WazirX wallet is like a Paytm wallet, inside which you can add your money and buy bitcoin or others, then friends, you can use your bank account. If not through net banking, you can deposit money through UPI
  • Friends, after depositing money, you all come to the quick brother type, where you get to see bitcoin first and you get to see two options there, buy and sell, which you can buy by clicking on the bike and your amount. You can also enter what amount of bitcoins you want how many can put there

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