How To Make Money From Youtube – Many Ways To Earn Millions From Youtube

Friends, in today’s time, many people are earning money from YouTube and you must have known this and you also want to know how to earn millions of money from YouTube.


So friends, in today’s article, I am going to tell you how you can earn money from Youtube, and at the same time I am going to tell you many ways to earn How To Make Money From Youtube – Many Ways To Earn Millions From Youtube from Youtube.

Friends, you must know this thing that millions of videos are uploaded on YouTube every day and all these videos are put by people like us. But friends, do you know that all these people earn lakhs of rupees a month by putting videos on YouTube. So friends, today we are going to tell about this that how you too can earn lakhs of money from YouTube, that is why read this article very carefully and friends till the end you will also know about many ways to earn lakhs of money from YouTube.

Friends, there are many ways to earn online, about which I told in the previous article, but friends, in today’s time, YouTube is the best way and it is very simple.

Youtube से पैसे कैसे कमाये – Youtube से लाखों कमाने के अनेक तरीक़े

Friends, today every work is being done through the internet and friends, the use of internet has also increased a lot in the last few years. Nowadays every work has come online, and today people are earning millions sitting at home by working online. Friends, the world of the Internet, YouTube has also become a means of earning money and today many people put videos on YouTube. Which we call youtube video creator and also called youtubers. And friends, today people are earning money by doing videos on YouTube sitting at home.

So friends, first of all we would know what is Youtube, how it works on Youtube and how to earn money from Youtube.

What is Youtube?

After Google, YouTube is the world’s largest search engine platform as well as video sharing platform. Where we get answers to all our questions, in the form of videos. Friends YouTube is a free platform where everyone can upload videos.

Friends, to upload a video on YouTube, you will first have to create an account on YouTube, which we call YouTube channel.

How to make youtube channel-

Friends, now we know that what channel is made on YouTube-

  • Friends, to create a YouTube channel, you will need a gmail id, you have to sign in with your gmail id and create your channel.
  • Friends, after creating the channel, you have to keep a good and unique name of your channel, it will be good if you keep it according to the category of your channel.
  • Friends, after naming the channel, you have to make a good logo and channel art according to the same name.
  • Friends, after doing all this, your channel will be ready, now you just have to put good videos daily according to your category.

How to work on Youtube

Friends, as I told you that YouTube is the world’s largest search engine platform after Google. Where millions of people search for something every day and friends, you will get answers to every question on YouTube.

Friends, if you also want to bring your video to the top of the search, then you will have to do SEO of your video, meaning you will have to use good keywords in Tags, Title, and Description in your video, along with you have to make good in your video so that People watch your videos completely.

Friends, you have learned how to bring the video to the search, but friends, let me tell you that many times it happens that our video comes in the search but the views do not come. So friends, let me tell you the main reason for this is your topic and thumbnail.

Friends, whenever the views will come on your video video, when you enter such a topic, then it is trending which people search and together you have to make your thumbnail good which people see and click.

Friends, after doing all this, views will start coming on your videos and your subscribers will also start increasing and you will also start earning money from your channel and friends, I tell you there are many ways to earn millions from Youtube.

Many ways to earn millions from Youtube-

Friends, there are many ways to earn money from YouTube, which I am going to tell you all today. Friends, the methods that I will tell you today are very simple and you can earn millions of money from Youtube with the help of these methods.

Google Adsense-

Friends, the easiest way to earn money from YouTube is Google Adsense Friends, in today’s time every YouTuber earns money from Google Adsense.

Friends, to earn money from Google Adsense, you have to first create a Google Adsense account. Let me tell you step by step-

  • Friends, first of all you have to open your YouTube channel in chrome browser and you have to click on the monetization option of your channel.
  • Then friends, you will get some criteria to do monetization on, which you will have to fulfill first. Like at present, 4000 hours of watchtime and 1000 subscribers are required, to monetize on.
  • Friends, if you have fulfilled your criteria, then you will get the option of apply and you will have to apply.
  • Friends, on applying, your time will ask to sign in step 1, then you have to sign in, then your step 1 will be completed.
  • Now friends, in Step 2, you will have to create an Adsense account, for which you will have to use Gmail id and you will have to submit by filling some details, then your Adsense account will be created.
  • Friends, after creating an Adsense account, your channel will be monetized and ads will start coming on the videos of your channel, but for that you will have to monetize your video and go to yt studio.
  • Friends, as it is now, if you put a video, then you will earn accordingly as much as your views will come.
  • Friends, all your earnings will be visible to you in Google Adsense on the 11th and which you can take in your bank account by adding your bank account.


Friends, when you start getting good views on your channel, then you will start getting mail from many companies for sponsorship. Friends, in sponsorship, you have to do a small promotion of that company through your videos, in return for which you are given a good amount.

So friends sponsorship is also a very good way to earn money and today many youtubers earn a lot of money with the help of this method.

Affiliate marketing-

Friends, today many youtubers are earning a lot of money with the help of affiliate marketing. Friends, in Affiliate marketing, you have to sell the goods of any company, through your channel, for which you are given a lot of commission.

Friends, to do this, you have to put the link of the product of any online similar selling company like Amazon, messo, flipkart, Clickbank, etc. in the description box of your video and when someone buys from your link then you will get commission.

So friends, today we learned that how you can make money from YouTube and at the same time you must have come to know about many ways to earn from YouTube. Friends, if you liked this article today, then share it with all your friends so that your friends also get to know something new, thank you.

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