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SF Tool V.44

SF Tool :- This screen app provides you bundle, gun key skin, glue wall key skin and VIP pack for free and this screen app is produced by Shadow Face Op. And it is very easy to download SF Tool and this application provides you all types of skin absolutely free of cost. Also this application is very popular in the Free Fire community and millions of people are using this convention.

SF Tool

After using SF Tool V.44 your id or free fire account will not be affected in any way and your id will never be lost after using this application because it updated the application very well And you will see that many screen apps give us ID ban because Garena Free Fire gets to know that we are using this third party to bring salvation scheme and bundle to our ID.

SF Tool V.44 Download

It is very easy to use and download SF Tool and here I am giving you the link of Media Fire, you can easily download this Assad by clicking on that link –

First of all, you have to download the SF tool from the link given below.

Then you have to install SF tool V44.

After that you have to start SF tool

If SF tool asks for any permission then it has to be allowed.

Here you will see all kinds of options like Bundles, VIP Packs etc.

As soon as you connect the SF tool to your Free Fire, you will get all types of skins on your ID.

The id will be banned from SF tool V44.

Friends, I want to tell you that it is absolutely safe to use this SF tool because this application provides you all types of screen as well as security because this application is a glitch application and your free fire id is not safe as much as you want. Different types of skin characters are visible, it will be visible only to you and not you friends, there is nothing to worry about this application is absolutely safe to use and after using this application your account will never be suspended. Or you can say that Garena Free Fire still won’t be able to ban your ID.

And if this skin app will work in everyone’s phone then there is no problem, still you have any problem in running this skin app and skin app does not work then you must tell me in comment. Friends, turn on the notification of our website because I keep bringing similar skin apps and I am nothing without your support.


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